D igital Concept brings together a diverse team of IT experts from a variety of professional backgrounds. From project managers, network engineers, and system administrators, to web and software developers, we pride ourselves on being able to provide specialist assistance in almost every aspect of your digital operations.

At the same time, we realize that while the latest technologies and tools might get us excited, for our clients, the main objective is to resolve their IT and networking concerns quickly and efficiently so that they can return their focus to the main areas of their business. At Digital Concept, we’re not looking to sell you on cutting-edge applications or costly new hardware implementations. Our services are based on providing you with the technical skills and capabilities you need, to protect and grow your core business in the most effective manner possible.

As a Jacksonville-based Managed Service Provider, we work primarily with organizations in and around the city area because we believe in nurturing close relationships with our business partners. While most of our services are conducted remotely around the clock, we understand the importance of providing on-site assurances when urgent issues arise. Throughout our working history, we’ve prided ourselves on our commitment to transparency and open communication.

Regardless of the issue, you’re facing, we’re prepared to lend our expertise to resolve your concern. Ultimately, we want you to think of Digital Concept as an extension of your business.

How We Work


Far too often, businesses find themselves reacting to system crashes and security threats after they occur. But even the most effective disaster-response plan in place, these delayed actions can cost your business thousands of dollars in lost business, and productivity.
At Digital Concept, we make your business proactive. Our staff works around the clock to monitor and manage your IT infrastructure so that threats of tomorrow can be mitigated today.

We at Digital Concept hold the most qualified and expert staff to carefully identify the most cost-effective and economical method for the achievement of your desired goal. This is what we specialize in, serving you, and furnishing your needs better than anyone. We are here for you.

Our Approach

Speedy Support

Despite our best efforts, sometimes, technology does fail. When servers crash and applications stop working, the last thing you want is to spend hours waiting for support. At Digital Concept we make it our priority to deal with client’s concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible.


In recent years, cybersecurity concerns have come to the forefront for small and medium-sized businesses across the country. Unfortunately, many organizations are entirely unprepared to deal with the threat of malware, viruses, and the data security breaches that may arise as a result.
At Digital Concept, we employ data security best practices to make sure that your critical applications and documents are protected and backed up at all times. We also work around the clock to mitigate the threat of cyber attacks by testing, monitoring, and updating your systems consistently.


If you’ve already invested time and money into legacy systems, we can adjust accordingly. Our IT experts have worked closely with a variety of software vendors, and have vast experience with a range of technologies.


We’re always updating our service offerings based on the latest developments within the world of business IT. If you’re looking to update your current infrastructure or expand your digital capabilities, we can find the right tools and technologies to enable your growth.

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