Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) Services

What Happens When Critical Business Data Disappears?

From customer records and transaction histories to sensitive internal communications and project details, data forms the backbone of any organization. Whether you’re making strategic decisions or working on the daily business process you need data to drive your efforts. So when vital information goes missing, key operations can grind to a halt. If you don’t have an effective backup and disaster recovery system in place you could be dealing with a significant impact on your productivity, reputation, and ultimately your bottom line.
Our backup and BDR services can help your business prevent the costs of unexpected downtimes. Ensure your business data is secure and avoid disrupted workflows with excellent backup and BDR services in Jacksonville.

It Happens To Every Organization
  •  Forget about malware and viruses, 58% of data loss incidents are caused by human error alone.
  •  Up to 63% of data breaches affect small businesses.
  •  Hardware failure accounts for the vast majority of all data loss incidents.
  •  93% of companies that lose access to their data for more than 10 days go bankrupt within the year.
  •  Catastrophic data loss incidents cause 53% of businesses to close within 2 years.
  •  36% of data losses are caused by internal or external security breaches.

We Can Protect and Secure Your Digital Assets

If you’re not confident in your business’s ability to recover from a data disaster then we can help. Our backup and disaster recovery experts offer seamless, efficient solutions to get your enterprise systems up and running again as quickly as possible.

Continuous Backup and Recovery

Are you willing to wait for hours or even days before your services are operational? Through our cloud infrastructure, we can implement a continuous recovery program that tracks changes to your systems and backs them up in real-time. We save you the hassle of routine backups that eat into your hardware resources, workforce productivity, and uptime.

Remote Monitoring

Our technical support representatives will monitor backups around the clock to ensure error-free data backups. We also perform ongoing validation checks to confirm that all records are usable in the event that of data recovery.

Disaster Testing

As part of our disaster recovery planning, we perform regular system audits to identify gaps in your existing processes and to check how quickly your systems can be recovered in the event of a major data disaster. We will also work with your staff to develop rapid response strategies that can minimize the impact of data loss.

Off-Site Storage

Your backups are stored in a secured off-site data center that is compliant with even the most stringent industry. All data is encrypted and compressed before archiving.

Immediate Support

Whether you’re facing a cyberattack, natural disaster, or a crashed server our support representatives will be available 24/7 to respond to your concerns instantly. So you can get your systems operational as soon as possible with minimal disruption.

Do You Lack Confidence in Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Processes?

Contact Us Today and Prevent Simple Data Losses From Turning Into a Data Disaster

All data processed through your applications are backed up to a secure off-site data center. In the event of a disaster or enterprise-wide attack, you can be assured that your critical data is safe with us.

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