Cloud Services

Why Are Businesses Across Jacksonville Moving To The Cloud?

More Collaboration

No matter where your workforce is located, they can now access, modify, and share vital files, documents, and applications from any location, at any time with complete visibility. That means increased productivity and efficiency across every IT-connected department in your organization.

Reduced Capital Expenditure

As business requirements change by the day, investing in high-cost IT infrastructure becomes an increasingly risky proposition. With cloud-based technologies that expenditure is no longer a necessity.

Cloud-based solutions can be deployed within 2-3 months at a fraction of the cost of time-intensive on-site implementations; and when it comes time to upgrade, we can seamlessly scale up your activities without any of the up-front costs.

Real-Time Technical Support

By hosting your vital networks on our cloud servers you can reap the benefits of 24/7 monitoring and support services. Instead of having to call in off-site technicians or needing to wait for in-house IT staff to arrive; you can trust your network management to Digital Concept

Bring These Competitive Advantages And More, To Your Jacksonville Business With Cloud Services

Digital Concept has helped small businesses across Jacksonville migrate their IT activities to our cloud-based platform.
Not only will we host your software, databases, and applications, we’ll provide peerless backup and support services as well. Ensuring your organization enjoys secure, uninterrupted IT services throughout the enterprise.

Get in touch with our experienced, customer-oriented IT technicians, and we can help plan, and implement a cloud-based solution based on the specific needs of your business. Whether you prefer a hybrid structure with certain hardware and applications retained on-site, or whether you’d like to undertake a complete cloud migration; we can accommodate.

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