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Can Your Business Really Afford The Cost Of Natively Hosted IT Services?

In the age of automation, every business is looking to streamline its operational processes with the help of cutting-edge applications. Whether you’re looking to increase connectivity between your staff, promote collaboration between employees across various locations, or improve documentation, reporting, and analytics capabilities within your business; industry-specific software can significantly increase workforce productivity, and drive cost-efficiencies throughout your organization.

Of course, getting to that point usually requires a significant investment. First, you have to purchase a license or subscription for an enterprise version of your software. Then you need to ensure that your existing IT infrastructure can handle the task of running a resource-intensive suite of applications. Finally, you need to maintain an in-house IT team that can take care of installation, maintenance, security updates, and necessary upgrades for the software.

At the end of the day, you could be spending thousands of dollars on implementing a solution that will cost several thousands more to maintain over the course of its life, with the specter of obsolescence constantly looming in the distance.

Lightning Fast Software Implementations Without Any Of The Upfront Expenses

At Digital Concept we leverage the power of cloud-based service platforms to connect your business to the technology it needs within hours. All you need is the right credentials and a reliable Internet connection. Stop wasting your limited resources on infrastructure upgrades, work with us and you can get all the same capabilities on your existing infrastructure with ease.

Our solutions can help you improve functions all across your business, whether you want to improve customer relationship management, up-selling and cross-selling, or production efficiencies we can provide you with the right applications at every step. Advantages of our managed services include:

Our Technologies

Although we work with a range of industry-specific applications, our main focus is providing best-in-class managed services for Microsoft software, and Operating Systems:

Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR)
Data and Network Security
Mobile Device Managment (MDM)

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