Voice Over IP Services

As a leading managed IT service provider, Digital Concept is committed to helping Jacksonville-based clients leverage technology and achieve greater productivity and efficiency with VOIP services. Our next-generation Voice-Over IP services are designed to help clients implement collaborative solutions that can help their business thrive.

Traditional telephone systems are costly, inefficient, and can be frustrating for both employees and customers. VoIP offers excellent call quality, better security, and multi-functional use that makes it a clear winner when compared to the analogue phone line. However, the misconception that only large corporations can use VoIP services in a cost-effective manner has kept many small businesses from reaping the benefits of VoIP.

Our VoIP services include:

  • VoIP implementation and customization
  • Enterprise-grade phone systems
  • Conference calling
  • Website integration
  • Remote access
  • High security and compliance mechanisms

Features and Functionality

At Digital Concept, our VoIP service specialists ensure smooth and sustainable end-to-end connections so you can enjoy exceptional call clarity at a lower price. Depending on your needs, we can customize the phone system to include features such as custom greetings, after-hours messages, transfers, call routing, auto-integration, and CRM integration on all handsets.

Our VoIP service also includes conference calling over secure connections with additional benefits like screen sharing, creating polls, and video recording. Additionally, VoIP is compatible with a range of devices, including desk handsets, mobile apps, laptops, and smartphones. This allows users to work remotely on any authorized device and improve collaboration and customer service.

You can also directly enhance the customer experience with VoIP service by integrating it with your website. This can help your business implement features like website live chat, click-to-talk, and click-to-meet functions.

Why Digital Concept

  • Unlike other VoIP service providers, we offer customizations from the ground up. You can benefit from our fully managed services by tailoring everything from holiday greetings to call routing according to your needs.
  • Our dedicated server ensures you get exceptional call quality without the hassle of dropped calls, malfunctioning lines, and garbled voice messages. Ensure better productivity among your employees and greater customer satisfaction with smooth lines of communication.